Friday, April 16, 2010


I am looking for a new ringtone... and they all say like... "FREE" but then you end up paying like 10$$ a month and thats like really dumb! I was wondering if you had any websites that are not dumb for a free or like 99 cent ringtoens? Thankk youu!!


its the best free site, ive used them for 1 year now,

no spam, and have never been charged 1 penny
Reply:No nonsense, just create your own FREE ringtones...

Check out

You'll enjoy your stay over there:)
Reply:dont use websites theyll spam your inbox

my mom did a ringtone site now every day she gets spam in her text messiging inbox
Reply:Cellware is a completely free site, they have tons of great free content you can get on your phone. You can also use their tools to create and share your own content. When you join Cellware you receive a free ringtone, wallpaper or video. All Cellware’s content can be downloaded to your computer and transferred to your phone via USB, cable, bluetooth, etc.

Ringtones ??????????

just woundering if anyone had any idears for a ring tone i have had the nickleback song rockstar for months and i hate it now any suggestions ?

Ringtones ??????????
lots of ringtones here that you can choose i usually get

Reply:Depends on what kind of music you like. If you like rock, try Linkin Park. Numb is a pretty good song in my opinion. Nickelback has good songs but if you don't like rock star why not try If Everyone Cared.

If you need anymore info on everyday life try emailing me at its free and pretty easy
Reply:you can make free ringtones from


that way, you can change it every week if you want.

its free
Reply:How about apologize from onerepublic

The best site, at this moment. It is an amazing site.

I use ventones, all my ringtones are from there, i am confident in Ventones, it is amazing.

A lot of good stuff to download. I recommend Ventonesb without any reserves, 1 year using Ventones, no problems.

Safe, FREE, Honest, Legit, Self Explanatory. It is Awesome.

No spam, No Hidden Charges either, like other sites, no garbage send to your phone, like other sites.

VISIT VENTONES, it is excellent.

Good Luck
Reply:"smack that" by akon or songs by beyonce. and get them here.



Hey i heard from my friend that there was a ringtone that only kids could hear and adults couldn't hear it.

Is that true? If so, what ringtone is it?

Thank You!

yeah they advertised it on t.v. all the time about 3 months is an artical on it. when they advertised it on t.v. i could hear in my mid 20's, and my husband who is 40 could hear i dont think it works too well...good luck...hope this helps..all else fails google it.
Reply:yes, i guess that's what they called mosquito ringtones. i myself could hardly hear it and you can download it from this site;


Where can i get the best ones

Where can i get Text Message Alerts That tell me when i get a text

and what ringtone would you recomend?



At Phone Sherpa you can create your own custom ringtones out of music you own. You send the ringtone directly to your phone from the site. Phone Sherpa sends it as a link to your text message inbox. Try it for free (no credit card required).

I think any song would make a good ringtone. It's really about picking the best part of the song.


Brianna with Phone Sherpa

Ok: I have the newest iMac which comes with Garage Band. I find a song out of my iTunes, drag it to Garage Band, edit it to the part I want, export it to iTunes, drag it to my desktop, Bluetooth it to my phone, and TaDa Report It

Reply:some of your friends have bluetooth so you connect phones and get thier ringtones
Reply:I would suggest you try

They have tonz of ringtones...


does anybody know of a website that will simply send you a text message of the subscriptions or paying at all?

Ringtones? you can even make your own ringtones and send them to your phone for free.
Reply:I would recommend just making your own ringtones. I use the free software at It's easy to use and that way you get exactly what you want. And you don't have to subscribe to anything to use the software!
Reply:The site below may help
Reply:This is the best place for ringtones that I've found. You get 10 complimentary ringtones.

Here it is -
Reply:from your phones internet go to and if you have sprint, cingular and some other service you can get free ringtones with no subscriptions or anything. I used to use it all the time when I had sprint.


I have tried everything for getting a ringtone on my phone, but nothing will work. i have an alltel razor.I cant save it as anything and put it on my phone as a ringtone?! my friend has the same phone but she has verizon, and hers works fine. she can record songs and put them right as a ringtone, but i cant do that. so how do i get a ringtone?!.rrgg. it makes me mad! help pleaseee.

I've tried every site out there, but the best one is

They even have detailed instructions to follow on your phone after you send it. Lots of my friends have Alltel and I know they get their Phonezoo ringtones on the RAZR. I would give them a shot. They're totally free and I've gotten and created tons of free ringtones and photos too.

Totally FREE

It send the ringtones via Picture message.

Click save as ringtone.

there u go
Reply:go to this site works great. you upload a song and follow the onscreen instructions. they are very clear. this site works on EVERY phone company. EVERY ONE. try it out.
Reply:try Ventones

its a free site
Reply:I would try



Does anyone know where I can get a free Trivium - Like Light to Flies ringtone download? I found one before, but it was too big to download. Also, does anyone know of a program to lower the quality of a song and making it smaller in size? Thanks

I know ringtonerush can help with this. They have most everything.

And as for shrinking the file size, you should try audicity.
Reply:Here the ringtone is:

The free software is WavePad to make ringtones. Here is the link and instruction:
Reply:go to pay a 1 time small fee follow their steps and you make all the free ringtones you want so take any song you want ittl tell you how to crop it and put it in the right format upload it then they sent it to you phone and bam free custom ringtones for life